Saturday, January 22, 2011

Does eating cow intestines give you pink eye(s)?

No matter if they are really related or not, they will be forever linked in my book. They are just two of the many unattractive phenomena that I have experienced in Peru thus far. Also, I now sleep under a mosquito net at night and still wake with about a dozen bites. I guess I'm just too sweet...

Today a few other volunteers and I hit the beach town of Huanchaco after getting meds for my poor lil' ojos. It's about an hour away due to taking 2 different micro buses and needing to wait for them to circle around to pick us up. It was so refreshing to be near the water and to hear crashing waves.
And when I closed my eyes, I felt like I was in California!! After lunch and meandering the streets a bit more, one of the other volunteers and I were ready to head back. He's only been here a week, barely speaks any Spanish, but is totally nuts and is fearless. I was told to be very of taxis and to only take as needed from 2 companies (there are about 100 different ones constantly driving around and beeping their horn at you at all times!) well this dude, Jesse, just walks up to each taxi asking him to take him to any market....thus I managed to get myself home from town all by my ABLE self!!! I bought groceries, changed buses 2 times, knew where to get off, and was able to ask questions and say answers. I'm not gonna lie- I was impressed with myself.

I feel myself falling for the kids more and more each day. They are giving me a good run for my money playing soccer, I keep them laughing with my salsa moves, and they even taught me the words to "La Bumba" which I then learned on guitar and played for them...a fun dance party ensued!!

Thanks for all the updates and emails back! I really love hearing what everyone else is up to! Keep it up!

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  1. wait a minute...did you eat cow intestines? If so, I bet olives are beginning to sound tasty. I love all the kid photos. They are so cute!

  2. Bravo mi hermanita! I'm so proud of you for getting around so well!! What kind of groceries did u get? Are you starting to dream in Spanish yet???

  3. Found your way ALL BY YOURSELF??!!?? Very impressed here!

    Katie has pink eye, too! She was sent home from school Fri. by the school nurse! Cracks me up that they sent the teacher home! This is the 2nd time she's had it since Christmas. Dang kids! You get everything they get!

    Love you, Pinky! Keep updating!


  4. OMG! Kelly these pics of the kids are melting my heart from overseas:) AND helloooo Ms. Independent navigating Peru like it's your job! Way to go; I"m proud of you too! PINK EYE --coW gutz!Whaz up with dat?!! Hope your beautiful eyes heal up soon--Love your rocker bud